Useful W163 Information

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Useful W163 Information Empty Useful W163 Information

Post by Administrator on Thu Jan 31, 2008 3:16 pm

Useful Sites:

* To find recall information issued by Mercedes

* - Great How-To and Information Site

* - Another great How-To and Mod Site

* - My W163 Project, How-to/General Info


Window Switches, Sunroof,etc.. - Rodney's ML Info
- Rodney's ML Info - Rodney's ML Info - Rodney's ML Info

Known Issues:

* Harmonic Balancer pic
* Keys
* Engine Sludge
* Transmission info
* Door Locks
* Low Gear not engaging
* Cosmetic Issues
* E-Box Fan
* Fuel Gauge (Never shows that it is filled up)
* Break Squeal
* Sunroof malfunction
* Fuel Pump
* Window Switches
* Lower radiator hose clamp (return to Steering Pump)

Generic Information:

* Transmission fluid should be changed before 100,000 miles. Mercedes swears up and down that its 'snake oil' transmission fluid never has to be changed.
* Cabin filter should also be inspected during every oil change (Get those leafs out of there!)
* Oil Recommendations [url] [/url](Wolfgang's Site)
* How-to change the oil (ttaleric's Site)
* How-to install/remove fuel pump (ttaleric's Site)
* How-to remove center console (ttaleric's Site)
* Fuel Pump Service Information (ttaleric's Site)

Fault Codes:

* Have a fault code? Look it up here!

I will be adding to this! Expect to see a Tool List, and other good info.

I have also frozen this thread to ensure that it does not become a thread of just questions. If you want me to add something, just shoot me a PM!

Online Parts:[url][/url][url][/url]


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